Book Cover Template Creator

Create Book or Dust Jacket Templates Fast and Easy

Generate templates with just a few mouse clicks, enter the number of pages in your book and a template can be created in seconds.

Templates can be essential for creating professional looking book covers for your book and by using a template; artwork submitted to a printer should meet their requirements, helping to ensure a one-time submission process and saving you money (most printers will charge for re-submissions or having to correct your artwork).

An array of options allow you to customize the look of your templates to fit your needs and preferences. All settings can be customized so that your book cover will meet any printers specifications.

Software Features:

book cover template
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System Requirements:

The Book Cover Template Creator software requires the following basic system configuration:
*The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 can be downloaded from the following link:
(This is a free download.)
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Price: $14.99 
- Generate Templates to aid in creating artwork for covers that will meet any Book Printer's Specifications.
- With this software you can generate unlimited number of templates and background images.
-Software is easy to use and comes with a comprehensive user guide. (See Online User Guide)
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